Self-expression: The creative spirit of intuitive art

Self-expression: The creative spirit of intuitive art

There’s a lot more to intuitive art than making pictures. Enmeshed in the free flow of colour, there’s freedom to wonder, explore and express.           

For me, every creation is a pilgrimage to self. A conversation. An emerging. 

 It’s a dance between spontaneity and mindfulness. 

I love every moment of it. But here are a few of my favourite things about my process.


The act of creation is pure self-expression (if you let go and trust the creative process!). 

When I allow my intuition and emotions to guide my paintbrush, each stroke becomes a dialogue between my subconscious and the tangible world. Each colour whispers deep truths and wild dreams.  

I meet emotions without words and parts of myself not yet unearthed. 

This is not just an artistic endeavour; it’s a journey of self-discovery that is real and raw. A testament to the liberating force of creativity.   



If self-expression is the spirit of intuitive art, curiosity is the silent muse – a magnetic voice calling me to explore the unknown in my creative process.  

It’s that insistent impulse drawing my attention to something ‘random’ on the canvas that turns out to be pivotal. The connection that makes the entire piece fall into place.

Curiosity guides my hand towards my next bold stroke when it takes the reigns.

It invites me to embrace imperfection and lean into it with eyes and soul wide open. 

Because that’s where the treasure is. That’s where the magic happens. 



The rhythm of intuitive art has taught me to embrace mistakes as allies, not adversaries.  

As time and time again, I’ve turned messy moments into beautiful artworks; I’ve learnt that my errors aren’t flaws but stepping stones towards new inspiration. 

It’s a powerful reframe I lovingly take out of the art studio and into my life – mistakes are not roadblocks but opportunities for exploration and evolution. 

And as the fear of mistakes dissipates, my creativity has the unbound space to flourish.  



If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll know I’m a HUGE believer in art as medicine.  And the more I paint, the more I am convinced of its potency.

Intuitive art provides a sanctuary for self-care where creativity and mental well-being are nurtured.  

As the rhythmic flow of brush strokes allows emotions to surface, be acknowledged and gracefully released, the mind and nervous system can find solace from the outside world. 

There’s space to mend, rejuvenate and restore. 

It’s a journey toward wholeness, one expressive act at a time. 



What I love most about intuitive abstract art is that it invites interpretation. So, YOU get to engage with it on a deeply personal and subjective level.  

You bring your own experiences, emotions and perspectives when encountering my art  – and that fosters a one-of-a-kind and intimate connection with each piece.

Let the painting speak to you rather than forcing a meaning onto it. 

Imagine how it might feel if you touched it.

Revel in the colours.

Delve into the intricacies.

Immerse yourself in the emotions it evokes for you. 


Nerine xx


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